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Elevate your small business in 2021 after Covid-19

Many small and local businesses have been battered during successive lock-down measures. Many of these have had to close their doors for good – even after government assistance to help them remain open. Sometimes, our best efforts just aren’t enough for our small business to stay in business in 2021.

For those of us that remain, how do we pick up the pieces and surge forward in 2021?

It is import to start taking steps now so that your business can hit the ground running next year. By implementing the steps outlined here, you will help make your business grab 2021 by the ears.

Master time management for your small business in 2021

When you don’t know how to manage your time properly, you are going to find that it takes longer for you to accomplish tasks. There are two main reasons why people fail to manage their time correctly:

  • Inattention to detail
  • Not taking enough action

Both of these things invariably lead to procrastination, and we all know where that ends. There is no one size fits all solution to this as everybody has their own personality and way of working, but there is one thing that you can get into the habit of doing:

  • Set yourself a schedule. As far as is practical, plan everything in advance. If there is something important that needs to be taken care of, then take care of that at the earliest opportunity. By taking the time to plan you will make it easier to accomplish more things that are important, and well before they become problematic.

  • Set time aside to do the things that you need to do. Dedicate some time in the day to getting things done. Even on those days where there is nothing else for you to do, you can always set aside time to finish up other tasks.

Time management is not always an easy thing to master, so getting used to it now is going to help your small business in 2021.

Start your marketing now

It should go without saying that marketing is very important for any business, but it is probably more important now for small businesses than it has ever been. With people not being able to go anywhere of note recently, it is important to remind them that you are still around and raring to go once you can open your doors again.

By starting your marketing now, you set yourself up for popping into people’s minds when they start using local businesses and services again. It’s no use doing it later, after the fact – you may as well start chasing them up the street with a net if you do that.

Don’t rely on the echo chamber that is Facebook, either. If you don’t have a website then that is a lot of potential missed revenue. Whether your products and services are available online or not, it is still an excellent idea to have a presence. You can showcase your products and services, take bookings and, importantly, enjoy a much wider audience than you will have just using social media.

Almost no profitable, legitimate, business is active on social media alone. Do you know why? It is largely seen as being highly unprofessional – depending on the type of business. Social channels are usually only good for local businesses that communicate with people in their community. If you intend to operate beyond your next-door neighbours, then marketing using just social channels like Facebook is not going to cut it for your small business in 2021.

Content marketing is cheap, effective, long-lasting and you don’t have to spend on advertising. Regular blog posts on your website, which can of course also be shared to social media, help to attract new customers as well as keep existing customers informed.

Start marketing now, for the best start to 2021.

Keep up with staff training

Most people are not willing to spend time and money on training. This is largely because it’s your business and you know how to run it. Your staff must be kept up to date with any relevant training, though. Properly trained staff can boost your business, and your profits, so be sure to keep on top of things.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your business is, it can always be improved – all businesses can. Adding new training opportunities for your staff will help them grow, stay motivated and become more productive. Doing this now, before your doors open again, is going to save you a lot of time later. It will also make sure that your business gets the best new start it can.

To conclude

These few tips for elevating your business in 2021, post-pandemic, are important for any business type.

Implementing these tips in the right way is going to help give your business a much-needed boost. They will also help you get the very best start for your small business in 2021 as possible.